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We had quite a few visitors to our website checking out our referral plan which was open until 15-Jul-15. So, now we have shut down this referral plan. But, keep watching this space as we would occasionally come up with promotions and more robust plans such as this one. Many thanks to those who considered this Golden opportunity to help us help you.

This Referral Plan is now OVER



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About us

Myplanningworld Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Company based in Perth, Western Australia providing “Customised Project Planning Solutions” using Primavera P6 to the resources, buildings & construction industries. More information available on and

Please click here to visit our about us page to learn who we are and what we do

About this Referral Plan (Terms and Conditions / Frequently Asked Questions)

Referral plan process

(1) What do you need to do?

All you need to do is look into your phone book, address book, do a Google search or directory listings and find those people who would be interested in our services as you have read in our “About us” page. You will then contact them, validate them that they are definitely interested in our services and that’s it, you write their details in the forms at this page. You need to register yourself at Step 1 so that we know that you are willing to participate and we provide you with a “Referral Id” which you will need to fill in Step 2. That’s all it is. Once you have your referral id, use form in Step 2 as many times as you need.

(2) What is the reward?

There is a one-time reward of AUD 100 per referral. The reward per upsell is of AUD 50 and there is no limit on its occurrences.

(3) Who can participate?

This Referral Plan is open to anyone above the age of 18 who has got a valid phone no., email address &  Paypal account and is not facing any criminal charges.

As we only enter into agreements with companies in Perth, Western Australia, please save your time & effort in referring people who are based in Perth not anywhere else.

(4) How much money can I earn realistically ?

As an example, If you refer 10 people to us and we go ahead with 5 of them as valid & accepted. But it turns out that only 3 of them have actually entered into an agreement. Down the line, these 3 referrals sign 5 subsequent contracts as “upsell”.

In this example, your immediate reward for main referral would be $100 times 3 = AUD 300.

And as & when we sign subsequent agreements with these referrals, your payment for referrals would be $50 times 5 = AUD 250

Therefore, you have earned AUD 300 + AUD 250 = AUD 550 with more potential to earn down the line as your “upsells” will never cease, it will continue for life as long as our company exists. So, this income would be your residual income.

More you refer, more money you make. If your have a group of friends, still the same rules apply, it would just be that your group income would be as many times as number of friends so for a group of 4 friends, your total rewards as in the above case would be AUD 550 times 4 = AUD 2200.

(5) What is the process?

Step 1 : After you fill in your details and submit the form, we will review and contact you to validate it. You will then be given a “Referral ID”

Step 2: You will need to enter your Referral ID and details of your referral to make a valid submission.

You will find both Step 1 & Step 2 forms at the bottom of this page. You cannot jump to Step 2 without completing Step 1.

(6) Which referrals are excluded or void (Exclusion List)?

Any referrals from these companies, their alliances, joint ventures, sister concerns , divisions or related body corporates would be deemed void. This Exclusion List consists of the following companies : Laing O’Rourke ; Tracey, Brunstrom & Hammond Group; Decmil Australia ;Thinc Projects ;AECOM ; Leighton Holdings Group (Leinghton, John Holland, Thiess, Vision Stream, Broad etc.); CTEC;  S & N Civil Construction Pty. Ltd. aka Central Systems ; Kentz Pty. Ltd.; ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling ; PCS Pty. Ltd. Aka Fortior Global ; Turner & Townsend ; Aurecon ;  XY Projects ; Engenium ; Bechtel ; Worley Parsons;  SKM;  Fluor; Central Systems; Ausenco ;FMG ;     CB & I; Brookfield Multiplex ; Venn & Milford ; Monadelphous ; AGC ; BGC ; Parsons Brinckerhoff ; TWSP ; Civmec ; AMEC Minproc


(7) What happens in case of “Duplicate Referrals”?

We will go by Date & Time stamp as received on the submitted entries through the submission forms, whichever comes to us first will be accepted and repetitions will be declined. You will be informed if your entries have been accepted or not.

(8) When will I get paid?

Your one time reward of AUD 100 for a valid & accepted referral will be credited within 48 hours of signing a contract agreement with your referral. Your upsell reward of AUD 50 will be credited within 48 hours of signing a new agreement with the same referral for subsequent projects down the track.

(9) How will I get paid?

Your reward will get credited to your nominated Paypal account within 48 hours of completing all formalities of a Legal Contract Agreement between your referral and Myplanningworld Consultancy Services.

(10) How many referrals can I enter?

As many as you wish as long as they are valid as per the definitions under point no. 13 viz. What is a valid entry?

(11) How do I know whether or not my referrals have been accepted?

You will receive a phone call or email from us letting you know whether or not we are proceeding with your referral. This should happen within 24-48 hours but if you do not hear from us within seven days of your submission, feel free to contact us on (08) 6102 7721 or email [email protected] otherwise your claim will be void.

(12) What if I made a referral but didn’t get paid or was not contacted?

We will review and contact every referral submitted. Based on the feedback we receive from them we will get back to you if we are proceeding with your referral or not. If we are not proceeding, you will not get paid. If we are proceeding, we will let you know whether or not we have entered into agreement with the referral. Ideally we will contact you within 24-48 hours but if you do not hear from us within seven days of your submission, feel free to contact us on (08) 6102 7721 or email [email protected] otherwise your claim will be void.

(13) What is a valid entry?

A valid entry would be considered from a “valid participant” for a “valid referral”

A “valid participant” is a person who has a contactable phone, email and Paypal account.

A “valid referral” is a person who has been contacted by the participant and has granted permission to the participant to share his contact details as expressed interest in our services viz. customised project planning services using P6.

(14) What is an “upsell”?

An “upsell” is a repeated sell from the same customer. In our case, “upsell” would be considered when a new agreement for another project with the same customer is signed whom you have referred to us and we have paid you the main referral reward of AUD 100.

(15) How do I get paid for upsells?

You will get paid for upsell to your Paypal account every time we sign an agreement with your main referral for which you have been paid.

(16) How do I keep track of upsells?

Once we have paid you for your main referral, you can keep touch with your referral or with us and as soon as we sign subsequent agreements with your referral, your Paypal account will be credited every time it occurs. You can also call us on (08) 6102 7721 to find out or email [email protected]

(17) What is the reward for an “upsell”?

The reward for every upsell would be AUD 50 per upsell.

(18) How long is this Referral Plan open?

This Referral Plan is open until Wednesday 15-Jul-2015 11:59 PM Western Australia Standard Time.

(19) I don’t know too many people but I want to participate, how can I make money out of this “Referral Plan”?

You can search Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc., Directory Listings for people who will be interested in “Primavera Project Planning Services” in Buildings, Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas industries. Get in touch with them, take their permission & grab their contact details and fill them in the form. They would ideally be contractors, project managers , construction managers and others.

(20) Do you have any marketing materials?

You can use the information on our website as long as it does not breach our copyright and helps you gain the referrals. Besides you can also use some videos on our YouTube channel here

You can access more materials once you get connected with us on LinkedIn here

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