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Gone are the days of spammy Email marketing when we used to receive newsletters without even signing up!

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You no longer need to give your email address to subscribe to what you want to read on our website as if you are reading news on google and it will get delivered to your desktop or smartphone when you want and as you want. We believe in user satisfaction first before resorting to aggressive marketing which just annoys customers.

What you need is an RSS reader enabled on your desktop browsers be it Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Mozilla. If you have a smartphone , you can download any of the many free RSS readers available from your app store or Google Play Store.

Once you have done this , just add this url to your RSS reader

And that’s it ! Everytime we publish a new blogpost or update our blog, you will never miss out from our updates. Just open your RSS reader and it will be there for you.

For best experience click on the title of the post when you read and it will bring you to the full article immediately.

If for any reason, the idea of RSS reader is not appealing to you and still want to read updates by email, we do have the facility to do that for you. You can subscribe to our updates using “Subscribe to Myplanningworld Newsletter for Free” under “Free Services” page or on the right hand side of any of our internal pages, you will find a link which says “Subscribe to Our Blog”. Just click on that link and let that form pop up, enter your email and confirm the subscription and bingo!

Everytime there is an update on our website, you will receive an email with the latest post.

Hope you will like this new user focussed feature from Myplanningworld !

See you soon in your RSS reader or Inbox 🙂



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