Mobile Number mandatory for networking

Working mobile number mandatory


I have been reviewing my connections and it came to my attention that quite a few people have joined my network but are actually not interacting in any way even though I am sending messages or emails or through other ways.

Hence, from today I have made it mandatory for all incoming connections to provide with a working mobile number just in case we need to reach out to each other for any assistance or help. It also appeared though that some profiles are just fake with bare minimum information so this move will likely stop those people from becoming part of my network.

For the sake of privacy, I will accept all invitations but you will have 14 days to provide me with a mobile number either by messaging through LinkedIn or through email. You do not necessarily need to disclose it on LinkedIn.

I assure that your personal information will not be shared or used for any other purpose apart from mutual networking benefits.

I will contact you to verify your phone number, in case of verification failure , I will remind you once. If no answer, I will remove you from my network. There is no point networking with people who are not interacting or responding in case of help or assistance or for other reasons.


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