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The Not-So-Secret Gardens of Saginaw  U.S. News & World Report
Posted: November 12, 2019, 8:05 pm
Pay and reward survey report 2019  Royal Society of Chemistry
Posted: November 12, 2019, 5:33 pm
A lot of road work is on the way  LaSalle News Tribune
Posted: November 12, 2019, 3:33 pm

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Expanding to new territories such as Russia, Denmark, Israel etc. in addition to our existing customer base in more than 30+ countries has been in line with Myplanningworld Pty Ltd’s business expansion plan. As you can see from the report below as well..

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Wishing you all a very Happy Durga Puja and Navratri. May the Goddess Durga blossom our lives with united power to win over the evil. Followed by Dussehra / Vijaya Dashami, this festival inspires us to never give up against the destructive forces. Season’s..

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Photos from Myplanningworld Pty. Ltd.'s post

Beautiful city of Perth and its clean beaches keep encouraging me to expand my business further as it has potential to attract travellers and settlers alike thus offering sustainable demand. #marketing #business #networking #sales

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Photos from Myplanningworld Pty. Ltd.'s post

City of Lights , Perth has been my turning place for many achievements including the set up of Myplanningworld. This is how it looks from Level 25 where my office is. I will continue driving sales and growth with your consistent inspiration. #linkedin..

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Malaysia looks favourable for further business growth of Myplanningworld given the scope of Petrochemical, Oil and Gas projects as well as e-commerce. Low investment, high cheap labour availability and easy access makes Kuala Lumpur the next big hotspot..

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Our customer satisfaction is truly reflected in the feedback we are receiving from our global customers as you can see in the image below. These are for a variety of garments for both gents and ladies and for all seasons. Having expanded our customer..

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One out of every 14 visitor (7.6%) has consistently bought our clothing products amidst very stiff competition in the marketplace. These results have been achieved with ZERO spending on advertising and almost NO marketing in any form whatsoever and without..

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Our Non-B2B sales have increased 10 times while our B2B sales have doubled up compared to the last year for the first six months as you can see in the chart below. All this has been achieved with almost ZERO investment on Advertisements and close to ZERO..

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Now that people have started to buy my book from Amazon at from across various marketplaces around the world, I am intending to offer video courses to provide thorough learning from my experience spanning engineering,..

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This is a sneakpeak video of one of our many e-commerce stores at . I specially made it for very busy professionals who don’t have time to click a link and look around what’s selling inside. People love when someone walks them..

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Madhusudan Cloth Stores

We have scored our first international century (100+) of feedback from our global e-commerce customers. has been very successful in winning the confidence of our buyers located in more than 30 countries. As you can see in the..

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Without spending money, if you want to get better jobs, more sales or achieve your long cherished goals by utilising FREE LinkedIn traffic then this book is for you. Available now on . “111 Amazing instant ways to..

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Gifted by LinkedIn itself, just scan it to see what they have done for me #linkedin #gifted #business #networking

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From Albania to Tanzania and from Ireland to Switzerland – spin the globe and throw a dart! With thousands of happy customers from more than 30 countries around the world through various sales channels – the name Myplanningworld has almost achieved its..

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I am now Amazon Certified Sponsored Products Campaign specialist. Thank you Amazon Team.

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1000+ satisfied customers across 30 countries with close to ZERO defect rate and shining Feedback Profile backed by Repeat International Customers’ Orders have paved the path for sound Global Growth for the joint initiative by Myplanningworld Pty Ltd..

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What I take pride in celebrating my Five years of Ownership of Myplanningworld Pty Ltd is that I did not fail despite extremely challenging circumstances since its inception. You get a lot of satisfaction and learning when you build your Business Skills..

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Many people attempted to consistently harm me and my business but I have foiled them all with my unflinching dedication and focus on my goal. As you know, if someone is pointing one finger at you, he is unconsciously pointing three fingers at himself,..

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The just finished year of my life was the most encouraging , busy and successful year of my life when I put my plans into reality and handled the business expansion project without fail despite all challenges. I took challenges as the stepping stones..

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1000+ Online Orders from more than 20 countries represent FAST and VAST growth for joint collaboration of Myplanningworld Pty Ltd and Madhusudan Cloth Stores. Our stunning Feedback Profile just tells how we provided value for money to reach this outstanding..

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I am pleased to announce our intention to open a proper warehouse cum service centre for Madhusudan Cloth Stores in Perth, Australia to facilitate our customers in Western Countries where the response and demand has been overwhelming. With the successful..

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