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Post Published on LinkedIn 14-Aug-2014 

If you have ever planned or thinking of planning, you are more than likely to end up in a situation discussed below. This is a compilation of some of the major problems faced and their possible solutions.

This just doesn’t relate to people who are into professional planning but to others as well who want to do planning.

Please have patience as you read through before you hit the one which relates to you most. Please feel free to add your comments, visit my facebook page for similar updates . You can also find some posts at .


1 Not enough information Do as much as you can first then chase/track the information needed, use address book & internet
2 Not the right tools, need a different software Try installing trial version of what you need and show your work to convince its requirement
3 Improper guidelines Speak up, document and communicate the difficulties with the people involved
4 No methodology or procedure/system Use your experience, try finding on internet or tell how & what would suit best
5 Insufficient time Go out of your comfort zone as much as you can without stressing yourself, health is wealth
6 Lack of support Document the missing support and speak up
7 Work pressure If the work involved is your passion, handle the pressure to build experience otherwise pass it on
8 Deliberate harassment / bullying Document it and do not hesitate to contact the management and authorities if required
9 Unhappy customer / client You can’t keep all the people happy all the time, value your customers if they add value to what you do otherwise don’t worry, you will find more
10 Payment/wages not on time Use Arbitration and reporting to management & authorities
11 Over-expectation Look at the salary surveys before you think you are underpaid and also the market reports
12 Lure and Kill trap Think if you are catching a falling knife or not, do a SWOT analysis before taking any steps
13 Distractions Think of what keeps your concentration , keeps you focussed at your work, could be a match win, music, meditation or family things, use it
14 Over-complicated reports Place yourself in the position of who is going to see your report and think about his difficulties as an illiterate in your field who has little time for it and then customise the report to his like-ness
15 Lack of presentation skills Comes with experience and needs time, look onto YouTube, you are likely to find one that fits you or try slideshare.
16 Trying to transfer non-transferable experience The most common mistake, get inducted to what your organisation expects you to do and local standards & practices, use internet
17 Impatience Think of your childhood how others gave patience to you which really worked for you
18 Not fitting in the team and vice-versa Speak to them if they really want you or you really want them, do a SWOT analysis, you will find the answer
19 Not liking the role, wanted to do something else Separate your hobby from your profession and both from your dreams, discuss with others where you want to land in
20 Restrictions and personal conditions You know it best, do a self-analysis when you are calm & quiet if you are in a fair situation or not
21 Not properly trained Many free trainings are available on internet however physical training needs management approval so speak to them about your needs
22 Not getting updates Major problem, tell others the importance of having an update and find out why is it not coming, genuine reasons can be tactfully handled, deliberations needs to be addressed to the right people.
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