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Published on LinkedIn 04-Aug-2014

Good project management is no longer an option in today’s corporate world. It is a critical tool to help your company stay on target and accomplish its goals.

To have proper Project Management process in place, it is essential that there should be proper structuring of Projects in place.

You can also notice the various attributes of project structure as in this image, skipping any of these steps or not paying attention to can lead to mis-management of programs thus distorting the Project Management Process.

In Primavera P6, after installation of server & database, the best practice to create & manager projects which I have come across is explained in the presentation attached with this post.

It covers aspects such as structuring your projects (OBS, EPS, Resource Structure, WBS, Project Codes, Activity Codes/Cost Accounts , User Defined Fields) and Project Management Process ( what constitutes Planning, Controlling & Managing) .

With this series of free training materials in Primavera P6, we intend to make viewers aware about the potential of project planning & how it can be implemented in real life situations.

As people improve their learning & understanding they will become more aware about right & proper use of Project Management tools & techniques such as P6.

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