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Critical Path Method (CPM) and Performance Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) are widely recognized as the most effective methods of keeping large, complex construction projects on schedule, under budget, and up to professional standards. But these methods remain underused because they are poorly understood and, due to a host of unfamiliar terms and applications, may seem more complicated than they really are.

This encyclopedia brings together, in one comprehensive volume, all terms, definitions, and applications related to the time and cost management of construction projects. While many of these terms refer to ancient and venerable building practices, others have evolved quite recently and refer specifically to modern construction and management techniques.

Sources include hundreds of professional books, trade journals, and research publications, as well as planning and scheduling software vendor literature. The detailed glossary of all applicable terms includes a cross-referenced listing of examples that describe real-world applications for each term supplied.

An extensive bibliography covers all applicable books, articles, and periodicals available on project planning, scheduling, and control using CPM and related subjects. This book is an important quick reference and desktop information resource for construction planners, schedulers, and controllers, as well as civil engineers and project managers. It is also the ultimate research tool for educators, students, or anyone who seeks to improve their understanding of the management of modern construction projects.

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