Regular Service




Under our Regular Services, we build programs for your projects from scratch, structure it according to your requirements, resource load it, update it and generate reports customised to your needs. Below are the images of how the program would ideally look like under our Regular Services




Sample program with Spotlight

Sample Lookahead Program

Baseline vs Actual Program

Sample Critical Path

Sample Histogram from P6

Full details of our Regular Services have been enumerated below :

  1. Putting a master program from first principles, tender documents, contract and drawings & from any programs which client may provide to use
  2. EPS, WBS, Coding – Activity codes, resource codes, user defined fields

  3. Upon client approval of master program, activity population, sequencing and putting more details

  4. Resources and roles allocation including levelling

  5. Baselining & progress update and progress measurement

  6. Report generation – generic such as histograms & look-aheads and client specific such  as weekly & monthly reports or tabulated resource consumption reports

  7. Secondary baselining and re-adjustment of program, schedule management

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