Why us ?

You have many reasons to choose us as your preferred primavera programming consultancy service provider as below


(1) Work assessment at the outset

We provide initial consultation upto 45 minutes FREE of cost to our customers to assess their requirements. During this assessment, we collect as much information as possible about what data is available for your projects for us to conduct work and what actually needs to be delivered and see a viability through a SWOT analysis. This enables us to let you know whether or not we are capable of doing the work you want or we need more information from you. This ensures that  we ourselves or our customers are not disappointed due to any misunderstanding or miscommunication and that you have the right people doing the right job minimising chances of disaster down the track. We will never say “yes” to you when we know that its a “No” as we abide by Fair Work policies.


(2) Benefits that we are offering

Some of the key benefits you will enjoy by doing business with us include

• No recruitment cost for hiring planners .You pay what you use us for, no middleman.

• No office space, access, training required . We can work at our office

• No computer, softwares required. We use our PC with softwares.

• No hiring, retaining throughout the year , use only when you need

• No redundancy, termination hassles, low productivity issues . Full productivity till the end of the contract.


(3)  Peace of mind for our customers

By doing business with us, you can be rest assured that we are a properly registered company here in Perth, Western Australia. We have a Trade Mark valid for 10 years  We have all the necessary Business Insurances  in place such as Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Products Liability. So, any unfortunate business losses may be covered under these insurances. We also have necessary software licenses from vendors to avoid any issues with them.

When we sign agreement, we would sign two agreements viz. the “Master Services Agreement” and “Non-disclosure, non-competition, non-circumvention confidentiality agreement” to ensure both yours & ours rights are legally protected in all possible ways.

After signing the agreement, your data becomes our data so we look after it like our most precious belongings when it comes to Intellectual Property Rights.


(4) Ease of Access

Our registered office as per the records of ASIC is in East Perth and our mailbox collection is at PO BOX 6575 East Perth WA 6892. We intend to use Level 3, 267 St. Georges Terrace, Perth on as & when required basis where we have facilities to hire offices & meeting rooms on demand to scale as much is needed to meet our customers’ needs. Besides you can reach us on phone and email & through other ways, just have a look at our Contact Us page to see how easy it is to reach out to us.


(5) Data Security & Protection

We regularly back up our data both on & off the cloud to make sure the safety of our customers’ valuable information is never compromised. We have dedicated Data Backup Plan and any updates are regularly scheduled for upload to the cloud which is secured by two-factor authentication.

We have multiple devices offering seamless internet connection to make sure we are always in touch with our customers just in case one device fails.


(6) Experienced Staff and candidate selection process

We are an Australian company by an Australian Citizen for Australian customers and we make sure only the best gets in front of our clients to serve them with utmost perfection. We have implemented a system in place which screens candidates right at the time they get in touch with us. Our pre-interview screening in itself filters out weak matches for the vacancies on a points based system and declarations. This also ensures that all candidates are given equal opportunity for being considered on an “Apple for Apple” basis and not just a database search where resumes come up on top due to fake or repeated keywords. Then we conduct interviews, followed by reference checks, pre-employment medical before being put forward to you even if we provide our services based in offices and not on site. Selection Process is pretty much same for outsourced work except for the medicals which we leave on the outsourced firm, if needed at all.


(7) Customer Service

First, we do not do business with anybody & everybody as we know that “Better have no deal than have a bad deal”. So, once we are into business with each other, you get real people to meet or talk to and not just an email service or a silent number. We also have a strict “No Spam” policy so we never keep chasing you by email, newsletters or phone calls unnecessarily. We regularly follow up with our customers and take timely feedback from them to make sure  we are able to satisfy them by all means.


(8) Environment friendly

We believe in paperless office so unless & until something is absolutely necessary, we would not print it, we would rather deliver to you electronically for your review & approval thus helping the environment.


(9) Pay as you go

Our pay as you go structure enables you to hire us on demand and pay on a weekly basis thus minimising risks from both sides. If you do not need to hire us throughout the duration of the project, we will let you know to save as much money for you as possible and not to rip you off.


(10) More clarifications

If you still have concerns or issues or want to just ask a question, please get in touch with us by all means. You may actually find your answers in our “Frequently Asked Questions” presentation here


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